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The Composers

Foto © DS

One text and four musical movements make up the heart of The same WORD – the composition. And this is its structure:

The four composers Na’ama Tamir Kaplan, Steven Tanoto, Colin Britt, and Suad Bushnaq – comprising the traditions of Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam – together compose a musical piece that consists of four movements. The movements set the text to music, which focusses on the topics “Creation”, “Life”, “Peace” and “Hope”.

How is that supposed to work?

Each of the composers is the leader of one of the movements and creates the form of their respective part, the musical basis – including setting the text and using musical themes and tropes that developed during our research trips. In a next step, this “first draft” is handed over to each composer, one after the other, who add their music, their tradition, their interpretation of the texts. So if you compared each musical movement to a pizza, you would not find four separate slices simply put next to each other but rather a whole pizza with different layers, which complement each other to create something whole.

The work on the composition starts in 2020. As of now, the premiere is tentatively scheduled for summer 2021. Depending on the further developments regarding the Corona pandemic, this date might change, though.