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Impressions of the first get together in October 2018. Photo © DS

Film Documentary & Social Media

Film Documentary

Idea, co-direction, co-production: Dorothee Schwarz Camera, co-direction, co-production: Sacha Kirchberger (ITWF-Media) Post-Production: Klaus Flemming + Team (Flemming Postproduktion)

Web/Social Media: Tobias Schwarz

Foreign countries and cultures, artists with different backgrounds who go on an internal and a real journey, exchange and dialog which moves all those whose paths cross. The development and later on the impact of The same WORD are  interesting and exciting so they will be chronicled in a film documentary.

Part of the material was be filmed during two trips, one to Israel (2019), one to the USA (2020). In private brainstorming sessions, as well as talks with experts or guided tours of important places, the group will gain a deeper insight into the different spiritual and their musical traditions. The creative team will get the chance to experience the different cultures with all their senses before actually starting with their work.

Following the composers’ and musicians’ work up unto the premiere and how it will impact them will make up another layer of the film.

“There is no art without passion.” What rings true for major theaters, like this one on Broadway in New York City, rings true for our endeavor as well. Photo © DS