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Photo © Hanna Lenz

Dorothee Schwarz

Dorothee Schwarz (* 1976) began her studies in her hometown at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, earning a Master’s degree in American Studies, Telecommunications, and Film Studies (Magister). During that time, she was awarded a scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to study in the United States (Ohio University, Athens/OH). In 2002 she returned to her Alma Mater to pursue a Master of Arts in journalism, which she earned in 2004.

She works as a freelance journalist, director and author since 1998, e.g. for ZDF, SWR/Nachtkultur, Capital, Business Punk, Docland, or Studio Hamburg. She focuses on topics like arts and culture, education, or innovation as well as sound-directing and scripting documentaries. In addition to her work, she has always been active in the arts and realizes the impact the arts can have on one’s personal growth. Her engagement in that area has thus extended to a professional status, with engagements as stage director, singer, and instrumentalist.